About the Book

Written by one of tango music’s most active contemporary orchestra leaders and composers, this book presents for the first time a comprehensive anatomy of the theory and techniques of tango arranging.

Included are traditional accompaniment patterns; rules for voicing of parts; typical tango articulations and performance techniques for all instruments used in tango; and strategies for melodic and rhythmic permutation.

The book prepares the tango composer or arranger with a solid grounding in traditional tango harmony and orchestration, illustrating the common practices of arrangers of the major 20th century tango orchestras.

More than 400 musical examples represent a wide range of composers and arrangers, such as Canaro, De Caro, Di Sarli, Federico, Firpo, Fresedo, Gardel, Gobbi, Laurenz, Piazzolla, Plaza, Pontier, Pugliese, Salgan, Troilo, and others. Excerpts of scores for full orchestra, and a complete 12-instrument orchestration of a tango are provided for analysis.

Julian Peralta is the central catalyst behind the new orquesta tipica movement in Buenos Aires. He has directed dozens of contemporary tango orchestras, including Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro, Astillero, and Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta. He teaches at the Escuela de Musica Popular de Avellaneda, Escuela de Tango Orlando Goñi, and the Tanguero Workshop.

In The Tango Orchestra: Fundamental Concepts and Techniques, Peralta shares the knowledge he has gained from more than 20 years of studying the literature of the tango orchestra. It is a “must read” for anyone who intends to study tango seriously.

About the Author

Julián Peralta

Pianist and composer Julián Peralta is an iconic figure of contemporary tango. In addition to his musical activity, which includes having created and directed the Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro, he is also a successful manager and entrepreneur responsible for projects such as La Maquina Tanguera, CAFF and the Teatro Orlando Goñi, among others.

A passionate pedagogue, he lectures on tango musical techniques at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda and La Escuela Orlando Goñi. He is also the author of "the book" on tango: La Orquesta Típica. Mecánica y aplicación de los fundamentos técnicos del Tango.

His compositions, which also includes orchestral works, have allowed him to travel the world's most prestigious stages including the Barbican Centre (London), Prague State Opera (Czech Republic) and the Wiener Konzerthaus (Austria). In 2010 he performed his original score to "Romeo and Juliet" in England.

Today, he continues to develop his artistic activities as the leader of the Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta and his group Astillero.


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  • The definitive text on Argentine Tango arranging
  • Available in English
  • Over 400 Musical Examples
  • Written by an authority on Argentine Tango

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